Sizdeh Bedar


Sizdeh Bedar is the thirteenth day after Nowrooz and marks the end of Nowrooz holidays in Iran. It is a day of picnics with family and friends and is concluded by the throwing away of the “sabseh” or the greenery that Is grown as part of the Nowrooz preparations. Tradition holds that if young people, especially young girls, tie a knot on the Sabzeh before throwing it way, it enhances their chances of finding a partner! So ladies everywhere…now you know!

Keeping with the tradition, our community has been organizing a Sizdeh Bedar picnic for years, where we enjoy each other’s company, play games and thanks to some amazing chefs in our midst enjoy some great Aash! (Not to be confused with “Ash”).

Check our website (IICON.ORG) at later date for time/location of the next Sizdeh Bedar party!